Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fearlessly Feminine - Challenge Day 3

Well, here I am on Day 3. Yes, I did this with the camera timer and I could not get one to turn out very well, this was the only one that wasn't blurry. When I tried to take out the red eye, it made my eyelid all black! And then it wouldn't let me 'undo' it. Argh! So, obviously, this is a really horrid picture of me. Sorry all!

Anyway, it was freezing in our house this morning so I have worn this hoodie pretty much all day. I did housecleaning today in a skirt and it actually didn't cause me any problems. I can't guarantee that I stayed "ladylike" the whole time, while I was crawling around on the floor picking up toys...but I tried. We've been home all day today and in this pic I still have wet hair from the shower...and Maggie...well, that's bed hair 100%! LOL! We homeschooled for about an hour, then cleaned, and then had lunch. I have made a discovery though, I need a bigger apron. One that doesn't wrap around my neck. Anybody know where I can get something like that? After about an hour my apron felt like it was pulling on me.

So far, so good!


  1. I'm just wondering what the temperature are there. We're still mostly in the high 80/low 90's but there have been a couple of days when a hoodie was in order.

    Love that Maggie hair! So, so, so cute!!

  2. I saw a wrap around waist apron (like the professional chef kind) at World Market the other day . . . and I think it was under seven bucks, hope that's helpful :)


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