Sunday, September 5, 2010

Homeschooling in my Heart

I have to admit, since putting Kayley back in preschool, I've just been a little depressed. I really enjoyed homeschooling (and I know she did too). I went shopping on Friday morning and I was looking through some books as the thrift store and found a couple that are perfect for unit study about stars. I squealed (to myself) and then remembered that we are only 'sort of' homeschooling. I made a deal with Kayley that she would continue to homeschool with me on her 'off' days from preK so, I do get to do some of my favorite homeschooling BJU Math and Phonics. We are still working through Five In A Row...although we don't always get it "in a row" and, dissapointingly, our Butterfly unit study has fallen by the wayside, along with our planned trip to the Butterfly Garden in Branson. Sadly, other planned unit studies and activities have fallen off the radar...with an implementation date to be determined.

I guess I am just feeling really dissapointed. I know going back to preK really meant a lot to Kayley. She was really thrilled to be back and I'm ok with letting her go. I am glad I get to work with her on the off days but I am still really freaked out about what I am going to do with her next year. I just want to make the right choice, and it is so overwhelming to chose something NOW that will have such a lasting impact on her life LATER. Ugh!

With that said, I read a great article on Latter-day Homeschooling yesterday that really made me feel better. The article is called, "Don't be Afraid to Choose Your Own Path" and in it the author says, "I think the most important thing my husband and I did for ourselves and our kids was to listen to the Spirit. We did neither “school at home” nor “extreme unschooling” but instead chose a path that allowed flexibility, and reinforced the importance of personal choices and finishing what you start. Each one of our children has had their own path that allowed them to grow as they needed. The kids have even briefly attended a public school or public charter academy over the years. They were short but great learning experiences for us as parents and especially for our children." It was a relief to hear from other homeschooling parents that their kids did, indeed, attend even public school for a time in order to allow for their personal growth and development. I am trying to remind myself that, just because this is what Kayley needs right now...doesn't mean that she will still need this later. Her needs (wants) may change and I just need to be prepared to roll with it and make changes as she grows.

My sincere hope is that we come to a nice homeschooling conclusion, but if we don't, that is ok. I can assess the needs of my children individually. Maybe Maggie will be a very happy, stay-at-homebody while Kayley stays a social-butterfly. Kayley will probably do well in Gloria Deo Academy (the hybrid school)...she would go to class 2 days a week and homeschool with Mom 3 days a week. (The downside being - I don't get to choose my own curriculum!) Upside, she is only gone from home 2 days a week and I get to be extremely involved in her schoolwork and I will know everything she is learning. I can also supplement with a couple of other things in the downtime if I long as it doesn't overwhelm her academically. But, maybe Maggie? Maybe Maggie will be my little homeschooler...I get her for another 4 years before I HaVe to make any decisions! Thank goodness...

In the meantime, I am Homeschooling in my Heart...with a little bit of phonics and math...and that is OK.

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