Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Garden...

My Garden plot is expanding...but I'm stuck. I need a tiller. I have been hacking at this crazy square for days and days and the pieces aren't getting smaller.
Thank goodness they announced last week in Relief Society that the Elders Quorum will be tilling gardens for a service project next month!

Kayley still had fun hoeing the garden with her little "kayley-sized" hoe, but, it is WAY too frustrating. So we will wait for the Elders Quorum to come and till it, then we will move on!
While Kayley and I have been working in the garden, Maggie has been supervising!


  1. If I had a supervisor that cute, it would be tough for me to keep working in the garden too! Yay, for the elders quorum!

  2. Try and find some great fertilizer (I hear the natural kind is best, but I know there's an animal kind that's better than others because the Ph is lower - won't "burn" your plants later. Wish I could remember what it was. Oh, and maybe some sort of planting dirt. Have that all tilled in together and you'll have more success (from what I've been told. . )

  3. Looks like a good sized future garden. I'm excited for your gardening adventures. I'll get started blogging about our family garden soon. At first it's truly overwhelming but with time & experience it'll become a joy.

    Right now is a great time to start composting... You can put it on and then the tilling will thoroughly mix it in.

    Good luck!!!

  4. Stephanie,
    Found your blog via a post you made on the SWMOHE Yahoo Group. We homeschool our 3 sons and are in the process of an adoption, as well. Your daughters are beautiful and the blog is great, too! Hope you are able to find lots of good info from the SWMOHE group, I've found it to be invaluable in our homeschooling experience. Hope you have a beautiful week!


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