Friday, April 9, 2010


Kayley is so funny. I had to share some of the funny things that she has said over the last couple of weeks. Oh, the funniest (and maybe the worst) part is - she sounds just like ME!

We were at Daddy's office the other day...and when we got there I saw this mysterious purse and other 'girly' things in his office. I asked him, "what is going on?" And he mentioned "oh, I have a medical student following me this month." "Oh," I said, "you never mentioned that to me" Well, Kayley said to me, "Why did Daddy not tell you??" And I told her to ask him for me, since I wasn't really sure... So, she said, "Daddy! Why did you not talk to Mommy??" And his response was, "I don't know, I guess I just didn't think about it..." To which Kayley responded very smartly, "Now, THERE is the point!" hahaha!
(Yep, totally me)

Another day we had hit the Taco Bell drive thru after preschool. I was going to drop Kayley off at Daddy's office so I could run to the post office and stand in line kid-free and she could eat while I was gone. As I was pulling away Kayley spied the bag and said, "Mom!! You said we were getting a Happy Meal!" And I looked down, and sure enough, it was not the Taco Bell 'Kids Meal', it was a regular bag and they FORGOT the TOY! Sooo...I pulled over, ran inside, rectified the situation and got back in the car. As I handed the bag back to Kayley she said, "Is there a toy in here now??" I assured her that there was and I just remarked, "I don't know why they messed it all up in the first place!?" And Kayley said, "Ya! Ruuuude! Ruuude People! Rude!"
(Oh yeah, that's totally me)

And one of my personal favorites right now:
Kayley- "So, Mom...did you make Maggie a big bottle or a little one?"
Me- "I made her a big one..."
K- "How many ounces?"
Me- "5"
K- "Well Good"
(She says that about a lot of stuff!
I'm glad she approves-lol!)


  1. That is so funny! Yeah, I have learned that what I say, goes with the little ones. It makes me really try to watch what comes out of my mouth.
    Looks like you don't have a problem with that. If she sounds just like you, you both are doing just fine. :)

  2. So cute! The rude people comment had me laughing outloud. I may have to use that in honor of Kayley!!!

    How the 31 business going? I wish I lived somewhere close so I could have a party for ya. I'd love to actually touch and see the product so I could rave about them to people. As it stands now I'd never heard of them until your blog. Also, please keep us updated about your new cookware. Now I love to cook!!! I'm super interested!


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