Saturday, April 3, 2010

Embrace Life

A powerful message...
Always, please, ALWAYS wear your seat belt...

I lost a very young,
very beautiful
very special,
blue-eyed cousin to "hill-topping".

Tiffany was ejected from the vehicle because she
was not wearing her seatbelt
and died instantly.

PLEASE - always click it!


  1. This video is awesome! What a great message! Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Great message, just sad that the people who need to see and understand the importance of it will not, they are bullet-proof. I have seen the other outcome of not wearing a seat belt, in some ways worse than death. Spinal cord injuries, severe head injuries, loss of limbs, lives impacted and changed forever. How about not every peeing or pooping by yourself ever again, or getting all your food intake from a tube in your belly or nose, no more running, jumping and climbing cause wheelchair bound you be. We always wear seat belts, always and our kids have had it beat into their heads from both mom and dad, thanks for reminding by loading such a great commercial!


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