Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What We are Reading {BiblioPlan Week 16 & 17}

We've picked up the pace a bit!  Next week will be a Spring Break for our homeschool and before we get to relaxed we are going to finish up Week 17 of BiblioPlan.  We are studying both India and China this week using our evening to read from both Remember the Days AND our reader.  We are really hoping to finish the year "on time."  Hopefully by the end of May.  That gives us about 10 weeks to complete 16 weeks of history.  Doable?  I hope so!  :)  We have a busy spring coming up and will be constantly reading history even on our days off.  I think we can pull it off!  Luckily, BiblioPlan year 3 will start with a review of Columbus so we can catch up a smidge next year if needed.  

Anyway, here is what we are reading for Week 16 & 17 (which we are squashing into 1 week!)

Our Read Aloud is Marco Polo by Manuel Komroff.  This is an excellent, unfortunately OOP, book that is recommended by Ambleside as a reader.  I managed to get my hands on this book and we are reading it in place of BiblioPlans recommended reader, The Boy and the Samurai.  This Marco Polo is awesome!  We are really enjoying it!  Did I ever mention that the flexibility to tweak is my FAVORITE thing about BiblioPlan?  

Another Read Aloud this week was The Silk Route: 7,000 Miles of History.  Yes, this choice is another tweak!  BiblioPlan scheduled Stories from the Silk Road but our library didn't have it... I did, however, have The Silk Route and I knew it was a good one!  So, we enjoyed this one very much.  It has a great map in the front that we kept turning back to as we traveled along the silk road.

For individual readers this week Maggie is reading another Magic Treehouse book.  I know that many CMers and AOers would say that MTH is "twaddle" I've decided that I don't care.  They are some of the best books for emerging readers that I can find that match up with our history...  A nice thing about these is you can usually find a quiz on Book Adventure and Maggie LOVES taking the little online quizzes. 

Kayley finished up her reader last last night, Whittington.  Since we are just days away from a Spring Break I decided to not assign her another reader just yet.  I never need to encourage her to read though.  Right now she is enjoying The Long Winter (she has read nearly the entire series in the last couple of months) and the American Girl, Smart Girls Guide to Babysitting.  (She has dreams of making some money, so she is getting ready for when she turns 11 and is legally old enough to babysit!) 

And, in case you are wondering about me?  I will (I hope) finish up Persuasion by the end of this week!  It has been a really rough read and I still have 4 chapters to go before I'm done...but I'm glad that I made the effort to do a hard thing.  I am not-so-secretly glad the the next book club reader is our choice...LOL. 

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  1. I laughed when I read your comments about reading Persuasion and that you're glad next month is our choice! :) Me too. Looks like you have tons of great books going on!


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