Friday, February 3, 2017

Ice Skating Anyone?

We got a chance to go to a birthday party last weekend for one of the girls' friends from church.  She would be having her birthday at the MediaCom Ice Arena where we would get a chance to try something very new.  Ice Skating!

Kayley took to it like a pro.  Well, a pro who fell down a LOT. 

Maggie required a bit more assistance and thank you so much to 2 of my good friends who were willing to schlep Maggie around on the ice...  Because, well, her own Mom wouldn't.  I was WAY too afraid I was going to break something.  Like my wrist, tailbone or head.  (Oh, that is Kayley's legs in the picture, right after she wiped out...  ask her to show you the bruise on her knee.  It's a good one.)

Maggie scooting along the wall. 

Kayley...right after she basically ran into the wall. 

I am so glad that the girls had a chance to do something brand new.  It was so far out of my comfort zone that all I did was basically lace up my skates...slide about 12 feet and turn around and come back.  There were a LOT of people so we are thinking we might try to go another time when it is not so crowded.  And, maybe, Mom will get out on the ice too.  But only if I am wrapped in bubble wrap.  Because, basically, I want to live.  LOL. 

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