Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Sheriffs of Savage Wells by Sarah M. Eden {A Proper Romance Book Review}

A Proper Romance by Shadow Mountain has struck again!  I have adored every single book I have read so far and once again, A Proper Romance did not disappoint!  A bonus, Sarah M. Eden is one of my favorite authors.  You can read a couple of my reviews of her other books here.  In this new book we get a feisty heroine, Paisley Bell, who is determined to be the new Sheriff of Savage Wells, Wyoming.

The small town of Savage Wells is barely big enough for the people who call it home; it certainly isn’t big enough for more than one sheriff. 
Yet when famed lawman Cade O’Brien rides into town, he finds he’s not the only man ready to take on the job. What’s more, one of his competitors is a woman. 
Paisley Bell loves her town and the eccentric people in it. She’s been the acting sheriff for months and isn’t too keen on relinquishing the job to anyone else. Not only does she love the work, but she also needs the income to take care of her ailing father. 
It’s a true battle of the sexes, and sparks fly between the two as Cade and Paisley banter and boast, neither one ready to acknowledge the attraction they have for each other. But when Paisley’s former beau shows up, along with a band of bank robbers, Savage Wells is suddenly faced with the kind of peril that only a sheriff can manage. Who will be man enough—or woman enough—to step up, claim the badge, and save the town?

Paisley Bell is something else.  She spent several months covering for an inept and distracted sheriff, even going so far as to bringing in a notorious gang of outlaws (of which she got no credit).  When the town of Savage Wells decides to hire a new sheriff, Paisley throws her name in the pool of candidates, much to the chagrin of Cade O'Brien, well-known law man and certain shoo-in for the position.  What Cade doesn't know is that Paisley is not going to give up easily and he quickly discovers that she can best him at many of his own skills.  She is quick, witty, a sharp-shooter, and level-headed in dangerous situations.  The more they compete with each other to try to win the title of sheriff, the more they begin to respect one another, and heaven-forbid...maybe even admire one another?  Yes!  :)

I rarely read books where the heroine is a feisty "I can do it myself type."  I admit to being more of a "Cinderella story" type person, but I couldn't put this book down!  For all of Paisley's bluster, she is tender and softhearted and I grew so fond of her character.  The book left me hanging a little in the end...maybe it is to keep us wondering until a 2nd book comes out?  After all, I'm very worried about Dr. Gideon MacNamara.  I mean, hello!  He's handsome...and single...and so nice! 

The Sheriffs of Savage Wells can be purchased from your favorite retailer!  You'll love it!

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Disclaimer:  I received this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed here are my very own.  A hearty Thank You to Shadow Mountain!!!

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