Friday, September 23, 2016

Our Disney Vacation 2016

This will be a picture intense post! We had such a wonderful trip and a fun time on our Disney Vacation this year! We spent 1 day at Lego Land, 4 Days at Walt Disney World and 3 Days on the Disney Cruise!  Wow!  We were exhausted but we had so much fun!  Here are lots of pictures:

Riding the Island in the Sky. 

I didn't take very many pictures on this trip...and it was kind of refreshing to not be constantly fumbling for a phone or camera...but in the end we didn't have very many.  

At Norway in Epcot. 

The girls did passports on their trip around the World Showcase. 

Kayley feeding Milo.   

It rained...  a LOT! 

And when it wasn't raining it was wickedly hot! 

Our chariot awaits! 

Our room on the cruise.  Maggie's bed is the couch and Kayley's dropped down from the ceiling.  We had a great concierge come to set up our room each evening and put it back together again each morning.  He always folded a towel in a funny shape... I wish I had thought to take a few pictures of them...they were cute. 

Playing aboard ship...   

The view of the main the deck.   

Little girls in big portholes. 

In the Millennium Falcon. 

On the dance floor at the Oceaneer Club.  Don't be deceived...there really were about a trillion more people on board than it looks right now... 

In Andy's room... 

Back on the Melennium  Falcon!

Out to sea...  Quite a view.  No land in sight.  
(Remind me to tell you about how sea sick I was bad.) 

The guys got facials...  
(us girls did too, sorry no incriminating photos of us!  LOL)


Playing a really fun detective was all over the ship.  The pictures come to life and you solve mysteries... 

I ate escargot.  Really.  (and caviar!)
I feel so cultured now. 

Beautiful sunset! 

Pirate Night!  ARRR! 

At Disney's private island, Castaway Cay. 

Hmmm...  something washed ashore. 

Snorkeling!  It was everybody's first time and really neat.

My treasure I found while snorkeling. 

Kayley's snorkeling treasure! 

The view from our private cabana. 

Mount Rustmore. 

Island girls! 

We had a great time!  We cannot wait to go cruising again!

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