Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Who Needs a Museum?

Who needs a museum when you can just go to an antique store?  Interesting items from 100 years ago, on display, and you can TOUCH them, twirl them, and try them out!  We found butter churns, coffee mills (just like Laura used in the Long Winter to grind wheat), cash registers, type writers, books, toys, dishes...Wow!  

I do believe we made the lady at the front counter pretty nervous when we came in and she kept a pretty close eye on us as we made our way through the store.  I went in knowing the rule "you break it - you buy it."  I told the girls on the way in that if they broke something it could really hurt our wallet.  They were very good.  Very careful.  And, surprisingly - they had a wonderful time! 

The girls ran constant narratives through the store about what they recognized from all the books we've read.  They could tell me what they were and how they were used.  So, I highly recommend skipping the museum and going to the FREE display at an antique store!  Have fun!

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