Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What We Are Reading {Week 8}

We have gotten pretty busy over the last week with some church activities and medical appointments but we are still chugging along through school.  We finished up Week 8 on Friday and we are enjoying a short break from other studies while we do a little bit of catching up in history.  We opted to stretch out week 8 into 2 weeks since there was so much interest in what we are learning!

We've enjoyed discovering the Oregon/California/Mormon trails through literature this last week and enjoying learning about the Transcontinental Railroad this week!

Our Read Alouds:

Ohhhh, this book was SO good!  
It is a 3 tissue book though so be prepared for tears.  Just like most families who traveled west on the Oregon trail this family suffered many hardships.

A good non-fiction read about traveling in a covered wagon!

 A funny look at some of the disgusting things pioneers had to suffer on the Oregon trail...such as where they went to the bathroom and burning buffalo "chips!"

A short non-fiction look at the Transcontinental Railroad.

Our studies wouldn't be complete without something funny or gross:

We watched a couple of movies too, Seven Alone is based on the true story of the Sager children who lost both parents on their way to Oregon.  It was a terrible quality and the acting was even worse - but, it did give us a glimpse of some hardships on the trail.

This movie was pretty laughable.  These guys didn't even get dirty.  And-- seriously, the lead lady was wearing pants.  How unseemly!  But-- we did see what a wagon train looked like when they circled the wagons and had a party...  sort of?  And at least it was family friendly...  

Coming up still this week we are going to read through a couple of quick biographies too:

 Maggie's independent reading last week consisted of:

This week she going to try Pioneer Cat.  This is an honest to goodness chapter book but she thinks she can do it and she wants to try so I think she will be successful!

Kayley's Independent Reading:  The Great Wheel.  She said it was "hard" and "not very interesting" and she really wanted to quit about 1/3 of the way in.  She persevered and finished it and completed a nice book report...  I'm proud of her for reading something that was challenging and not terribly interesting...  

I let her choose free reading this week after the tough book and she is reading this interesting antique store find, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.  Published in 1965 this is the 1st Science Fiction that Kayley has read and I'll be curious to see what she thinks about it.

Well, there you have it!  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I have recently stumbled upon your blog and am loving going through and reading everything. I'm only one year into homeschooling but am trying to find a style and curriculum that are good fit for us. We are somewhat CM and a classical but I definitely am wanting more of a literature through good books than we had this year. Finding your blog has been a blessing. Thank you.


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