Friday, March 6, 2015

A Quick Take On Our Week...

The last week has been interesting.  We had snow, it melted, we had a LOT more snow and now it's melting.  The girls have had a great time just playing and playing in the snow.  I enjoy winter.  A lot.  I haven't enjoyed getting out and driving in it, but I think snow is so pretty...and I don't like being hot.  Cold suits me so much more. 

Our neighbor has a tractor and he comes through and plows our circle drive for us.  We convinced him to push all the snow to the same spot and make the girls a hill that they could sled down.  It worked like a charm!

We cuddled up and watched movies.  In fact, we introduced the kids to Star Wars!  They loved it!

Several weeks ago in homeschool we started studying about countries and cultures.  This week we studied about Mexico.  It has been fun.  We've done some art projects, read several books, learned about Cinco de Mayo and Dias de los Muertos.  We watched the movie The Book of the Dead (which was a pretty cute).  And ate Taco Bell.  (hahaha- We have promised some more authentic Mexican food this weekend).

We have also really enjoyed our science program by Jay Wile called Science in the Beginning.  It is so hands-on that you can't help but learn something new every time.  

Kayley has become quite a helper and she wants to cook.  
Here she is browning some ground beef.  

Oh, I almost forgot.  The girls won some incentive coupons for getting all their chores done.  Kayley choose "be a teacher for the day."  As teacher she opted for a day of "online learning."  

Maggie chose "Pajama Day."  So, it worked out great that both girls basically lazed around in their PJ's and played on electronics all day.  Thank goodness they only earn those incentives once in a while or we'd never get anything done!  ;)

Did I mention that they are good helpers?  
Here they are unloading and reloading the dishwasher!

Oh!  How cool is this?  Peace Hill Press (the publisher of Susan Wise Bauers curriculum) had a quick contest on FB asking for people to run outside and show something that had to do with anything from Story of the World.  If you were one of the first 3 to reply you won a free book!  Yeah!  We are very competitive like that.  We rushed out, dressed up Kayleys snowman as Cleopatra, hurried to submit and won a free copy of First Language Lessons Vol 4!!

Anyway, thats our week in review!  Thanks for stopping by!

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