Thursday, September 11, 2014

Believe {Deseret Book Review}

Thanks to Deseret Book, I had an opportunity to preview a new movie that comes out on September 12th called Believe.  I'm excited that I get to tell you a little bit about it!

In this movie, a little boy named Georgie, loves to play football.  (We Americans know it as soccer!).  He is obsessed!  It is all he wants to do but his mother has other plans.  After the death of Georgie’s father she wants so much more for her son and she pushes to get him into a prestigious all-boys grammar school.  His grades aren't quite high enough but the headmaster reluctantly agrees to tutor the boy since it is required that they accept a handful of “working class” children each year. 

While at an interview at the school Georgie spies a flyer on the wall for the local football tournament.  Knowing that he and his friends could have a chance to win if they entered, he devises a way to get the entry fee by stealing an older gentleman’s wallet!  This older gentleman, chases Georgie down and finds him playing football in the alley with his friends.  Intrigued by the rag tag group of kids who have a dream of winning a football tournament, he agrees to not call the police…if the boys will let him coach their football team and help them make it to the city tournament.  The boys agree and begin training with Matt, who mysteriously knows an awful lot about football…Will they win?

Inspired by true events, this funny and touching tale follows Sir Matt Busby, legendary Manchester United soccer manager, who comes out of retirement to transform a young group of scallywags into a dream team. 

So, what did I really think of this movie?
The first 30 minutes or so included a lot of flashbacks that left me a little confused at first.  I wasn’t really sure who Matt was until well into the movie.  I’m glad I stuck it out though because once we got about half way through the movie I was worried about the boys and whether or not they would win this football tournament!

There are a couple of “not very nice words” spoken by the kids.  At one point Georgie calls his mother a “lying cow” and one of his friends says “bloody hell.”  (Very British!)  

I also thought the sets were fascinating.  In fact, I’m pretty sure that this grammar school is where they filmed Hogwarts scenes from Harry Potter!  

Overall it is a feel-good movie that moved a little slow in the beginning but by the end left you biting your nails! 

Believe opens in select theaters on September 12th!

Find out more info here:

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Disclaimer:  I was able to watch Believe free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions here are my own.

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