Monday, September 22, 2014

St. Louis - Jefferson Expansion Memorial {Field Trip!}

Maggie had another doctor appointment in St. Louis last week (things are going great by the way) and while we were there we decided to make a quick trip over the Jefferson Expansion Memorial to see the Gateway Arch.  

Kayley was pretty excited, she couldn't remember our last visit there...I believe she was 3 so I guess that makes sense.  She really wanted to go up to the top so, we bought some tickets and decided to go for it!  You ride in a tiny little "pod" all the way to the top that clicks and clacks.  It takes 4 minutes to go up, 3 to come back down.  I'm not going to lie, it is a little scary.  If you are even a little bit claustrophobic then this is NOT for you. 

The pod is tiny! 

There was a window and you could see a winding staircase out there the whole time we were going up.  That was a lot of stairs!

The top is a lot smaller than you would think and it has tiny little slit windows where you can look down.  

The view...

630 feet!  

Headed back down...

When we got to the bottom we had a quick snack and enjoyed the museum.  The girls eared their Junior Ranger badge!  That is a fun perk of going to a National Park!  

We had a great time and made a fun field trip out of it.

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