Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Udderly Smooth {Mosaic Review}

What a great time of  year to try out some products from Udderly Smooth!  Both of my girls have dry skin and struggle with eczema.  Maggie especially talks about her "bumpy-bumpies" on her arms.  I try to remember to put lotion on her poor dry arms, but I tend to forget which doesn't help her bumpies get better.  Trying expensive lotions hasn't helped a whole lot either.  I was excited to try out the lotions from Udderly Smooth.  I've seen them in the store but have never purchased them, and now that that I've tried them, I get to tell you all about it!

Udderly Smooth® Udder Cream was originally invented in Ohio use on dairy cows under harsh conditions. Now used for dry and chapped skin on people worldwide . Product uses also include:
* Dry and chapped skin
* As a shaving lotion
* Diabetes skin care
* Hand and Foot Syndrome- a side effect of chemotherapy drugs
* Chamois cream for bicyclists
* Needlework and quilting

We received:
Original Formula Body Cream, Shea Butter Dry Foot Cream and 2 tubes of Hand Cream, samples to share and a coupon!  Thank you so much Udderly Smooth for being so generous!

All 3 products we tried are lightly fragranced.  I think they have a very nice, muted scent, but for those who are sensitive to these types of products, many of Udderly Smooth's lotions are available fragrance free.  The lotions are smooth and do not leave a greasy residue.  It absorbs quickly and I didn't have any worries about it getting on my daughters clothing like some other types of lotions that go on thick and heavy.  With my daughters "bumpies" she tends to get upset when I want to put lotion on her.  Sometimes it stings, but she was so thrilled with the Body Cream.  No stinging.  She said she thought it felt like "mayonnaise."  (I'm not sure when Maggie smeared Mayonnaise on her skin, but whatever, haha).    No one in my immediate family has severely dry feet so I can't say how well the foot cream works but we all have problems with dry hands and faces and, so far, the light moisture of Udderly Smooth hand cream and body cream both have a very nice hydrating effect.

You can find Udderly Smooth products at most major retailers or on  The price is right in my opinion, ranging from $5.75 for a 12 oz canister of Body Cream, $6.50 for an 8 oz Foot Cream, $2.75 for the 4 oz tube of hand cream and $1.75 for the 2 oz tube.  (Hello Stocking Stuffer!)

You can find all items for purchase here.  When compared to some of the "fancy" lotions I've bought in the past, this is a great price and a great product!

Several of my team mates also reviewed Udderly Smooth products.  Find out their thoughts on the Mosaic Reviews Udderly Smooth link up page!

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