Monday, December 9, 2013

St. Louis - PFAPA Update

We headed up to St. Louis again a couple of weeks ago for one of Maggie's appointments at SLU Hospital.  We always try to make a "day" of so the trip is a little more bearable.   This trip was fun because we even had Grandma to tag along with us as we spent several hours at the St. Louis Zoo! 

If you recall, Maggie has been diagnosed with PFAPA.  We have made several trip to St. Louis as they try to figure out exactly what is going on with her and what (if anything) they can actually do about it.  So far, it has been not much.  The worst part is the blood work.  Since Maggie is so small, blood draws have to be done over the course of several weeks, it is not much fun to be 3 and have your arm poked again and again!  But, Maggie is a trooper and last time she had blood work, she didn't even cry.  Big Girl!

They just keep telling us that she'll "outgrow it" eventually.  In the meantime we treat her with Prednisone if needed or ride the fevers out…  It all kind of depends on what our week is like!

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