Tuesday, November 19, 2013

12 Gifts of Christ {Deseret Book Review}

Christmas is a time for celebrating the birth of Christ and a time for giving. In the middle of this busy season, it is easy to forget the very reason why we celebrate. The first Christmas began with gifts of light and gold. This Christmas, ask: What gifts can I give to Him? 
In 12 Gifts for Christ, author Merrilee Boyack suggests ways we can give to the Savior, including having gratitude, sharing through service, and loving others. With examples of these gifts shared through personal stories, scriptures, activities, and family home evening lessons, she suggests presenting those gifts to Christ in letters placed in stockings or brightly wrapped boxes. Following the ideas of this book will truly add joy to the spirit in our hearts and homes during Christmas!
I reallllly love Christmas.  I do!  But the downside of this time of year is that everything becomes self centered.  "I want this or that for Christmas!"  "What will I get for Christmas?"  I notice that it started frustrating me last year and this year is no different.  I have been looking for an Advent type book that I could use with the girls and I think this is going to fit the bill nicely!

12 Gifts of Christ is a wonderful little book that really offers opportunities to get into the spirit of the Christmas season.  Instead of worrying about gifts for our friends - the 12 gifts are gifts that we can give  our best friend, the Savior, this time of year.

The 12 Gifts are:  Personal knowledge, gratitude, remembrance, repentance, obedience, emulation, charity, forgiveness, faithfulness, love, healing balm, and joy.  Each chapter focuses on the different gifts with a couple of introductory pages.  The best part, is that each chapter has several activities to do with your family…   Recommendations for personal scripture study, Family Devotionals, Family Home Evening ideas (including song, story, games and activities), and a "Just for Christmas!" activity that correlates the topic with the Christmas season if you are studying in December.

This is a small book measuring 5" by 7" and 112 pages.  If you are interested in doing this project with your family you could easily spend (in my opinion) up to 12 weeks working through it!  It would make a great Christmas gift to celebrate the season all year long or as an intensive study of Christlike qualities all through holidays.  Merrilee Boyack has an easy to read and understand writing style that makes this book a perfect fit for families at any stage of life.

Want your own copy?
12 Gifts of Christ currently retails at DeseretBook.com for $11.99 in paperback.  Happy Shopping!

Disclaimer:  Thank you so much to Deseret Book for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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