Saturday, August 31, 2013

One Minute Reader iPad app {Mosaic Review}

In our house reading is number 1!  We want our children to be proficient readers.  We want them to enjoy reading and really understand what they've read too.  We do OK right now with reading comprehension but there is definitely room for improvement so I was very curious to give this app from One Minute Reader a try!

One Minute Reader was developed by husband and wife team Candyce and Tom Ihnot of Read Naturally as a way help students focus on reading improvement at home.  It features interesting non-fiction stories loaded with lots of fascinating information!  We are currently in level 4 and the stories include everything from the history of Barbie to ice age animals to the Titanic!  Each story is pretty short but very informative and encourages reading for accuracy, speed and information.

Here is how it works:
To start - Choose the genre to read from....then choose your book!

You hit the green "start" button at the top to do a cold reading through the story.  When you run out of time (you get a minute), you tap the word where you left off.

Then it gives you a score of your cold reading.

Next it will give you an opportunity to read along with a narrator and tap the words in blue to discover their meaning.

Then, you can read alone again to see if you have improved...

Finally, take a quick quiz to test reading comprehension.  As you read through answer the questions you solve a riddles, jumbles and crosswords!

What we thought of One Minute Reader:
When it comes to reading comprehension this app is a great asset to our homeschool day.  It is super easy to use, Kayley (age 7) can use it with no help from Mom.  The stories are actually interesting and full of handy information.  History and science topics were Kayley's favorite and its nice that the app covers 2 subjects (well, really more if you count the vocabulary and spelling!) at one time.

It is also fun to do something a bit different in learning and using the iPad for school is always a treat!  I think the best part is that the app is inexpensive!  Read more about One Minute Reader by visiting their FAQ page.  The app has a built-in placement process so there is no guessing about what level you will need.

To buy One Minute Reader:
Currently you can purchase a free version of One Minute Reader on iTunes.  It gives you access to a sample story at each level.  You can upgrade your free app to the paid app for $2.99 to $4.99 depending on the level you choose.  One Minute Reader also offers a print version in their online store.

We have enjoyed using the One Minute Reader app!   I have actually found Kayley using the app for fun when she has had other opportunities to play on my iPad...  Thanks for stopping by!  If you'd like to read more reviews of the One Minute Reader app you can find them at the Mosaic Reviews page!

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