Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Leap Frog Products {Mosaics Review}

We love everything Leap Frog brand around our house!  It all started when we bought Kayley the Leap Frog Click Start computer when she was 3.  We've had it for years now and it is still going strong and Maggie has now grown into it.  From there we moved on to the Leapster...and ultimately, this last year, made the investment of the Leap Pad 2.  Yes...we love Leap Frog!  So, imagine our excitement when we were given the opportunity to review some all new Leap Frog products produced by Mega Brands America!  (You may have heard of Mega Brands - they produce Rose Art supplies as well as the popular Mega Blocks!)  I know, when you hear Leap Frog you may immediately think of the electronic games but these are all new, different type of products.  NO batteries required!

Take a look at what we received!  We got a big box of goodies recommended for 2nd-4th grade!  The Dry Erase/Chalk Marker Board, Cursive Dry Erase Practice, Telling Time Dry Erase, and Multiplication & Division flash cards!  Let me tell you more about each item!  (affiliate links are included in this posting)

The Dry Erase Board - This has been the most fought over item in our house!  A dry erase marker board on one side, a chalk board on the other.  A nifty zipper pouch is firmly attached to a swivel rod at the bottom giving you a place to store your markers, chalk and an eraser.  The board is sturdy (unlike those locker type boards that are on sale in the back-to-school section right now) making this perfect for young hands.  It erases very nicely on both sides.

Cursive Dry Erase Practice Workbook - This book models cursive which is the basic cursive that most kids learn in school.  A handy little dry-erase book that makes handwriting practice a little more palatable.  The final page is plain for practicing or drawing whatever you like!  This board also erases really easily.  A spiral edge at the top makes it easy to flip over but be cautious, the pages are front-to-back so if it is not erased it has a chance to end up all over clothing, tables or couch.  (Speaking from experience - you may find it nice to purchase washable dry erase markers.)

Telling Time Dry Erase Practice Book -The clock at the top of this dry erase book has hands that move for practice in telling time!  The workbook pages are colorful and simple to follow!  The base of the board is a very sturdy cardboard.

Division and Multiplication Flash Cards - We have just barely begun our journey into learning our multiplication tables but already these cards have proven to be a real treat!  Typical flash cards with one perk that I didn't realize was so awesome until having tried them.  You see the sample card?  5 x 3?  Well, in the purple strip right below that is 9 x 8=72.  That is what is on the other side of the card.  Many times in doing flash cards your child is struggling to figure out the answer and as the parent all you can see is the "72."  You have to do fancy maneuvering to see what the actual problem is in order to help them work through the problem without letting them see the answer but - not with these cards!  You can see the problem and the answer on the back side.  I have never seen this in a flashcard before and I love it!  You also get cards that show factor groups for flash study too.  I know as we go through math over the next few years these cards will get used a lot!  I want to add:  They are thick paper with glossy coating on both sides so they are made to last!

We have enjoyed using these products and if you are interested in purchasing here are the details:

LeapFrog products by MEGA Brands are available for purchase at most major retailers including Toys R Us, Michaels, Joann’s, Target, Walmart, Officemax, and Costco. At Target and Walmart, look for them near the stationery and writing instruments, rather than toys or school supplies.  I saw them at our local Walmart in the back-to-school section!  You can also purchase these items on and many of them ship for free as an add-on item and most qualify for Prime! 

Many of my fellow team mates at Mosaics reviewed other Leap Frog Products too!  To read their reviews visit:

Thanks for stopping by and a big Thanks to Mega Brands and Mosaic Reviews for giving us the opportunity for another fun review product!

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