Friday, August 16, 2013

Schoolroom! {Not Back-to-School Blog Hop}

 Welcome back to Week 2 of the Not Back-to-School Blog Hop!  This week we are sharing our School Rooms.  We are pretty blessed in that we have this tiny office area in our new house.  It is a tight squeeze but serves as a nice home base for our daily school activities.   So, enjoy this short tour of our schoolroom.

You can see Mom's workstation to the left, you can see the "Learning Tree" from BJU's K4 on the left wall.  The bookcase on the left is Maggie's, on the right, Kayley's.  They both have a crate for filing completed school work.  The stacker things are our "workboxes.  We love this little white table we picked up from Toys R. Us, it seats both girls and we do sometimes but more often it becomes an independent work station for just 1 girl at a time.  The bookcases house books that we are using for school right now plus a shelf of books that are for me (preserving my sanity!)  On the far right you can see the corner of a white bin, that serves as our "turn in box."

We love our little schoolroom but honestly, maybe half of our schoolwork is done in this room.  The other 50% of our schoolwork is done in the living room on the couch where we just enjoy cuddling up to do a lot of reading!   And that's our schoolroom!  Thanks for stopping by!

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