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We Choose Virtues {Mosaic Review}

It is hard to believe that it has been over a year since I started using We Choose Virtues in my home.  What started out as a product review has become a regular part of our school days.  I was originally blessed last January to review the Virtue Clue Cards, teacher guide, coloring book and family assessment...which then led to me purchasing the Virtue Poster...which led to the investment in the Parent Cards...and now, thanks to the Mosaic Review Team, I get a chance to review the Virtue Flash Cards and Butterfly Award!

I have used several programs in the past that focus on character qualities, many with mixed results, some with pretty good results but I wanted something simple.  I wanted something colorful.  I wanted something very kid-friendly.  BUT.  Most of all, I wanted something that WORKED and worked really well. 
I'm here to tell you, We Choose Virtues works really, really well.  

But, don't just take it from me, in this video, my 6 year old daughter, Kayley, will give you an intro to We Choose Virtues and she will tell you what she likes about it.

What is We Choose Virtues?
We Choose Virtues was created by Heather McMillan, a preschool teacher and children's pastor, that has a deep love for children.  It concerned her how often she came across children whose lack of self control, honesty and perseverance was almost debilitating.  She wanted to create a way for these kids to succeed in life using skills that come from good character and watch them reach their personal potential.  It was because of this gap in character education that Heather decided to create the loveable & colorful characters, their corresponding virtue and the memorizable catch-phrases!

How does We Choose Virtues work?
We Choose Virtues is a character development tool recommended for early childhood through elementary age children.  After introducing the first virtue and demonstrating them (you can start anywhere, but it is recommended that you start with the Top 3: Obey, Be Kind and Be A Helper) help your children memorize the cute catchphrases, learn the antonyms, and then watch for opportunities to see the virtue (or it's opposite) in action!  My kids pick up the catch phrases pretty quickly even Maggie who is only 3!

Each Virtue comes with its own colorful character and catch phrase.  The cards are small (5.5" x 4.25"), easy to use and come with a Bible verse that provides scriptural guidance for that virtue (a secular version is also available).  The coloring book is a .pdf download that offers a cute coloring page for each character.

How am I using this product in my home?
Last year we took the Family Character Assessment and decided to start learning Obedience with Oboe Joe!  The Teachers Handbook gives several ideas on the best ways to introduce the virtue and catch-phrases.  You can color the character you are studying in the coloring book.  We work on one virtue at a time until we have memorized the catch-phrase.  We have since keep our current character and our most recent character on display...and moved on to our next character quality once we really know and understand what the catch-phrase is all about.  We are currently working on "I am Self-Controlled" and just wrapped up "I am Attentive."  We LOVE the catchy phrase that keeps the kids accountable for their actions!

How much does it cost?
 Virtue Flash Cards are $14.99
Teachers Handbook is available as an instant download for $5.00
Coloring Book is $3.00
Family Character Assessment is FREE!

There are some great package deals available including a complete Homeschool Kit for $98.99 or a Family Kit for $69.99.

Shop We Choose Virtues at

Here is a good deal too!  
You can get 20% off the purchase of a complete Homeschool Kit (expires April 30th, 2013) using code HOME20
save 15% off your entire order using code VIRTUE15

We are loving We Choose Virtues and will continue to use it indefinitely!  Would you like to read more reviews about We Choose Virtues?  You can find them on the Mosaic Reviews page!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE the videos in your review! How precious!


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