Thursday, March 14, 2013

Severe Weather Expo

You know, as homeschoolers we get pretty excited over opportunities to learn hands on.  Last week we had a chance to head to the mall and participate in Southwest Missouri's Severe Weather Expo.  A large handful of vendors were ready to teach us about tornadoes, lightening, what do in an emergency, etc.  It was really fun!  Maggie didn't enjoy it too much and wanted to be carried...she found the talking fire hydrant to be spooky.  LOL.  He followed us around for a bit and the girls weren't quite sure what to make of him.

A man-made tornado.

A storm chaser car!  (Sadly not Reed Timmer's, LOL!)

This gentleman from SkyWarn taught Kayley all about Morse Code, 
he typed her name in code and then let her type her own message!

The highlight was meeting KSPR weather man Kevin Lighty!

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