Thursday, February 14, 2013

Errand of Angels DVD {Deseret Book Review}

The hit missionary movie the whole family can enjoy! Set in the scenic mountains of Austria, The Errand of Angels is the story of Sister Rachel Taylor (Erin Chambers), an enthusiastic new missionary who faces the challenges of struggling to learn a different language, eat foreign cuisine, and find common ground with a difficult companion. In the spirit of powerful missionary movies like The Other Side of Heaven and The Best Two Years comes this heartwarming tale of a missionary who learns that sometimes, the greatest change comes from within.
In this movie, The Errand of Angels, Rachel Taylor is blessed to serve her mission in Austria.  We follow Sister Taylor through her tribulations as she struggles to learn the language, find people who want to hear the gospel, eat some extremely disgusting things (not just eat...but have good manners by eating ALL the food on her plate), and struggle to serve with her cranky companion, Sister Keller.  As she continues to feel anxious and depressed she is given a chance to go on a 1 week "split" with another sister missionary, Sister Young.  It is while serving with Sister Young that she is given insight into her grumpy companion Sister Keller.  In like form to President Hinckley's fathers advice while he was on his mission she was encouraged to forget about herself, go to work and get busy serving others, especially serving her companion.  As she begins to lose herself in service, everything falls into place bringing her mission from trial to triumph.  This was a heart-warming movie, I can't believe I only used 1 tissue and now I want to go on a mission -- to Austria.  ;)

The Errand of Angels currently retails on for $19.99.

For behind the scenes info, cast member bio's, pictures and more, visit their website at

Disclaimer:  I received The Errand of Angels free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you to DeseretBook for giving us a night at the movies!

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