Sunday, October 7, 2012

What's On The Other Side? - Deseret Book Review

The Prophet Joseph Smith observed that death and the spirit world are subjects "we ought to study more than any other. . . . If we have claim on our Heavenly Father for anything, it is for knowledge on this important subject."
Brent Top, a professor of Church History and Doctrine at BYU, highlights the wealth of information the scriptures and latter-day prophets and apostles have provided to us about death and the spirit world—its location and conditions, the nature of departed spirits, and the work performed for and by those there. Removing much of the mystery and fear associated with dying, this book demonstrates that knowing what life will be like after death can help inspire us to live better lives here and now.
Life after death has been a popular topic on the store shelves over the last couple of years.  Books about children returning from the dead with amazing and detailed stories of who and what they saw while on the other side of the veil are intriguing.  Are they true?  Or fanciful dreams?

Brent Top has spent much of his adult life researching what happens on the other side.  This book serves as a compilation of several talks, papers and requests.  Gathering information from scripture, words of the prophets and near-death experiences from others, Top sheds light on dying, death and what may happen after this mortal life is over.

This book was a welcome read.  I don't really like to think about death.  When I do I immediately feel insecure and worried.  I think it is this insecurity that has always kept me from reading or pondering life after this life.  This compilation of talks and thoughts by Top has saved me from struggling to find answers on my own and has brought me a measure of peace when I learn what the gospel teaches us about what happens in the Spirit World.  I highly recommend this book!

What's on the Other Side currently retails in hardcover for $14.39.

It is also available in mp3 download, Audio CD or Bookshelf eBook.  You can download a sample chapter or listen to an excerpt by clicking HERE.

Disclaimer:  I received What's on the Other Side free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed here are my own.  THANK YOU DESERET BOOK!!!

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