Monday, October 8, 2012

A Week (or Two) in Review

We've been staying pretty busy here.  
I thought I would do a little Week-in-Review 
to share some of our busy-ness with you!

1.  Kayley lost another tooth.  So, that makes two missing teeth, front-bottom-center.  Her big-girl teeth are already poking through and she is pretty thrilled.

2.  We are doing really well with Classical Conversations.  We have completed 4 weeks so far and we have learned a literal TON.  Kayley and Maggie both enjoy it a lot.  Me?  Well, I'm a little disatisfied with a few things of non-academic nature.  The general housekeeping and lack of self-control among the kids sends me home on Wednesdays exhausted and frazzled.  

We devote about 30-45 minutes during our school day to work on CC stuff.  It is fun.  Most of it is put to music or rhyme and we draw/color a lot of pictures to help us with our memory work.
even Maggie gets in on our CC time.  Here she is "labeling" a map too!

3.  Kayley finished reading her first chapter book called "Riding the Pony Express."  It was 95 pages and a 3rd grade reading level.  I'm so glad for her!  I love that she loves reading!  

4.  Maggie had "the fever" again last week.  We ended up back at the pediatrician where they, unfortunately, had to do another blood draw.  Maggie was really brave though and to celebrate her braveness we went to Andys and had a custard-cone.  We have been referred to St. Louis Children's Hospital where we will be meeting with a Pediatric-Rheumatologist on Thursday this week.  We've been told to anticipate another blood draw (poor Maggie).  I'm assuming that this will be the chance to determine if she does or doesn't have PFAPA...  I'm tired and ready to score a diagnosis on this poor girl so we can move forward.  As it is, we get the fever ever 24-ish days knocking us flat for 3-6 days. 

5.  We started the Manner-Candle.  James talked about how his family did this when they were young.  The idea is:  Light the candle at dinner...the first major manner-mishap causes the candle to be blown out.  When the candle is all the way down we will celebrate.  Our choice for this candle is to go to "choppy-choppy" (aka. Hinode Japanese Steakhouse -where they cook on the "table").

 6.  We missed Saturday morning session of General Conference this weekend because it coincided with the annual Silver Dollar City Homeschool Weekend.  We had great fun going again this year and boy was it COLD!  I have several pictures that I need to upload and share....  General Conference was great, we watched on Sunday using our laptop hooked up to the TV.  Worked like a charm!

I think that is it for the last few weeks!  Thanks for stopping by!

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