Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Silver Dollar City Homeschooler's Weekend!

Some of you may remember last year was our first year to attend Silver Dollar City's Homeschool Weekend.  It was SO fun and we are so glad we went!  This year I signed up both girls for Wagon Train Dolls and Candle Dipping.  Here are some pictures that I snapped.  It was chilly but we had a great time.

Maggie making her Wagon Train Doll...
 They turned out pretty cute!
 Riding the carousel...
 Of course we HAVE to look in this hole every single time...  LOL.
 Candle dipping...
 and cow milking...  ewww.

 Kayley and Daddy rode the Hi-Lo Silo...

We were also able to take a peek through the gate 
and see the new wooden roller coaster, Outlaw Run!

The temperature kept on dropping and we headed out pretty quickly after we ate lunch.  I totally recommend Homeschool Weekend if you get an opportunity!

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