Sunday, August 1, 2010

My new sink!

I really, really, really have to thank my father-in-law Jim for installing a new sink in my kitchen! I am NO good at fixer-upper projects and I am so grateful that he was excited to help us with this one! I have to admit I was a little worried when I wandered back to the computer and saw this:

But, things l0oked like they were going pretty well.
Maybe because he had Kayley as a big helper?
My old gross sink on the deck. Isn't it nasty? It is made out of acrylic/plastic and was stained and scratched and just plain yucky!
The empty counter top~
The end result. A brand new, gorgeous stainless steel sink complete with a new disposal!


  1. Ok, what did you do with the beautiful fixture that was on the old sink?

  2. Stephanie, I got a WHOLE bunch of backed up mail today! awk! Please send me your address for a prize for the guessing game.

    Love your new sink. I have a new one waiting in the garage. :-(


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