Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The First Day of School...

I know it has been a while since I posted. I have a lot to say, but just no time to sit down and get it all on the computer. Both my girls keep me pretty busy! I was blog hopping over the last few days and saw many of my friends posting the 'first day of school' pictures. I felt a little pang of jealousy since we are homeschooling. Then, I realized that we did indeed have a 'first day of school' as well, it just didn't involve lunchboxes or school buses. Couple that with the fact that Kayley is just-turned 4 and is not 'technically' school age.... Either way. We DID, in fact, start school last week and here is Kayley on her First day of Kindergarten! Yes! We are homeschooling Kindergarten this year even though Kayley is only 4. She is beyond ready.

It is going really well so far. Of course, this is only our second week so its all subject to come crashing down. Since a few people might be curious to know we are using a combination of BJU Press K5 curriculum for Phonics and Math. We are using Lapbooking and Magic School Bus (whee!) for Science and we are using Five in a Row for Reading/Literature & Geography. I know, it sounds like a lot, but trust boils down to less than 3 hours of school a day. The rest of the time I get to spend just hanging out and loving my girls, going on play dates and field trips, and whatever else strikes our fancy.

I can't believe we are getting so close to school age! I get choked up thinking about taking my Kayley and putting her on that yellow bus. 7 hours at school! That is a LONG day. Why are they there so long? What are they doing all day? What are they learning? I am so glad she is still 4 and I don't have to make that decision this year. If this year goes well, and we enjoy homeschooling, we'll keep at it another year and maybe another year. If it doesn't work...if Kayley is not happy...if I am not happy...if Daddy is not happy...we will re-evaluate the situation. One year at a time. So far we are really pleased. We miss preschool a little but not too much. We are joining a co-op that starts in September and we also signed up for the Zoo pre-K classes as well. Kayley is likely to take a dance class and an art class at the YMCA as well. We will not lack social activities that is for sure!

I have already heard from several of my girlfriends who's children started K this year. One of them told me that she cried all day knowing that her child was going to be gone from home for over 7 hours of the day. One of them said that their child cried and cried at drop off time. One of them said their daughter came home today asking, "What is crack?"
Really? Why are kids talking about crack in K?
And, why....why would I want to put my daughter there?
I know, I know...they have to learn about the world sometime--
But, do they have to make all of these awful, childhood-robbing
discoveries at the tender age of 5?
I don't remember hearing about that stuff when I was in Elementary school.
I think things are a LOT different now than they were when we were kids...

So glad I get to keep my kids close to my heart for another year...and maybe another after that...and maybe another after that....
One year at a time.
So far--so good!


  1. so much has changed since we went to school- you HAVE to teach your kinder kids about drugs so that they know when someone is trying to sell it to them, pressure them to use it and that they need to stay away from it- altho my son is now 28, when he was 4 they had an entire program in his pre school about drugs and it was really appreciated by me because it allowed me to talk more to him about it and to work with both my sons.
    Kids always act strange on first day of school- it's almost always harder on the moms than on the kids and crying for both is totally normal. My favorite day of the year was first day of school and my favorite day of the week is still Monday.
    As we know from our religion, our kids must be out in the world but we teach them not to be "of" the world and that is where a lot of parents go wrong. Kids are in school 7 hours a day because there are 35 kids PER class- Stephanie how long would your 3 hour class be if you had 35 kids to teach at a time?
    just some things to think about before being to critical of our school systems.

  2. one other late thought-

    were it not for an lds girl in my "5th grade class", none of my family would have joined the church- so having righteous people in public places at any age can be a good thing-
    love ya!

  3. Stephanie I'm grateful for your thoughts. It takes all different types of opinions to enjoy this earthly state. Lol. I to am the type of mother that enjoys giving my children the freedom to learn in a different way than what the government sees fit. I'm grateful for the freedom to choose and let them choose different interests instead of always forcing them into becoming little robots for the system to control. We have found our home to be a more peaceful place and that homeschooling is the right choice for us and our personal family. Drugs in elementary......... And in K.... Wow I totally agree that's not right at all! Why not just teach the sex Ed to them then tooo, for those that have been abused or have issues with touching others. Nope right now I know homeschooling is important to our family. The attack on the family is only getting stronger as the times of the second coming get closer. Satin will do whatever it takes to attack and we are stronger together during those 7 hours learning of the world and it's challenges than living in them! I'm so glad u brought this subject up! I love sharing my opinion on the matter. ? Btw way I just typed this with a shattered iPhone if there are typos please forgive them... My hubby had the laptop! Lol.


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