Friday, July 9, 2010

Ride the Ducks? Not Today!

All Duck operations have been suspended after this barge ran over this duck in the Delaware River yesterday. The boat suffered an engine fire, stalled and then got creamed by this barge. Luckily, the quick thinking captain had the passengers put on life jackets. The boat dissappeared under water, but witnesses say, within 10 seconds passengers popped up to the top with their bright orange life vests! Sadly 2 people are still missing...

Duck ride operations are suspended until further notice. I'm glad we went, it was really a blast. Thank goodness there are no barges inland in the ozarks, but it would have been pretty easy to get creamed by a speed boat or jet ski and I'm surprised we haven't read about that somewhere in the papers too.
I'm a big fan of Herschend Entertainment and I hope they come through this with dignity and grace so I can still be a BIG fan!

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