Monday, July 12, 2010

Little Valerina (an extended Kayley update)

My little 'valerina' started her first 'valet' class today! She looks so cute in her little leotard and tights with her little 'valet' shoes... Sniff! She loved it... She put her shoes in the little green lunch bag. When we got to the dance school we realized that ALL of the other little girls had these little girly dance bags... Oh, yeah. I am one of THOSE kinds of Moms. Of course I bought her a little dancing bag to match all the other little girls... She is modeling it in the 3rd pic.

(the sun was a little bright...sorry Kayley.
Cool dance bag though!!)
I also made these Homemade Fairy Wings this week...
Yes, you can probably tell I made that from a priority mailer.
I think they turned out pretty cute!
I asked Kayley if she wanted to paint them, but she didn't want to have
to wait for them to dry... Maybe tonight?
One night earlier this week found Kayley asleep in a little homemade tent in the middle of her bedroom floor! That is her clothes hamper her feet are in...LOL!

We also went to our first primary activity. We sort of had to go...since I got called to be Primary Secretery last week. (Heaven help the children! I have NO clue what I'm doing). It was about missionary work. The kids had a great time. They worked through stations. Here they spun the globe and pointed to receive their 'mission call'. They also learned how to pack suitcases, geneology, scripture mastery and how to tie a tie!
Kayley also enjoyed her last day of Kids Kamp last Thursday.
They went on a fun field trip to the zoo wearing their matching shirts. This was the first time she went on a field trip and I didn't go!!! She said she wanted to go in the van with the other I said, ok... She had a fon of fun!
We are sad to see Kids Kamp/Kids Korner go on without us, but we are excited to begin our homeschooling adventure. We started school today so far with some really simple fun 'summer' stuff. Today we learned about clouds and went cloud watching. We did a fun craft project about clouds. We also started a simple unit study on manners. We read the creation story from the scriptures and tied it into the 'sky and land'. We will use the creation story all week when we also learn about the sun, moon and stars this week.

Maggie was along for the ride today, looking super cute with her piggy tails and just being a supportive little sis' in all the hustle and bustle! =)

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