Friday, June 29, 2018

Discover Nature - Fishing {Nature Study}

We had a great opportunity to participate in The Missouri Department of Conservation, Discover Nature Fishing Course for kids.  Even better, it was totally free!  

The classes start with about 45 minutes of lecture (which honestly can be a little boring and a bit over the younger kids heads).  
Each course consists of the following:
  • Lesson one: Equipment, Casting, and Proper Fish Handling
  • Lesson two: How to Tie a Knot and Bait a Hook
  • Lesson three: Five Common Missouri Fish - Their Anatomy, Habitat, and Life Cycle
  • Lesson four: Fishing with Lures and Fishing Regulations 

After completing the lecture portion you then move to the fishing part of the class.  It is a catch and release program and each girl ended up catching at least 2 or 3 fish each time.

The girls have learned how to bait their hook.  (You literally rip the poor worm into about 3 sections since the hooks are so small.)  Kayley goes for it but Maggie is a little disturbed by it, so luckily she has a big sister willing to bait her hook for her.  They also learned how to remove the fish from the hook, which isn't exactly easy.  Fish are sharp!

In the second class Kayley really got the hang of tying her own hooks. 

Thank goodness because she needed to tie her own pretty soon after the lecture due a fish swallowing the hook!  Worm and All!

They also learned how to identify different types of Missouri fish.
And in the next class they are going to learn about fish anatomy!

We have gone twice and even though it has been scorching hot, the girls have had a pretty good time!  This definitely fills a bucket list item for Kayley.  Maggie, not so much...she is a little less into smelly fish and a little more into other pursuits, but she has been a good sport and had a pretty decent time.  


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