Tuesday, June 12, 2018

A Few Fun Things...

My iPhotos have been extremely messed up...  For some reason photos are not moving over automatically like they are supposed to.  And then, when I have time, I'll sit down and make it happen and I realize how much stuff we have done, and how much time has passed...  I realize that I missed things like Easter!  and Memorial Day!  and a couple of fun activities!

It is kind of relief to realize we are NOT as boring as I thought we were!  

In March (or was it April?)  we enjoyed a quick trip to Texas!  We enjoyed going to Homeschool Convention there this year,  visiting the zoo and seeing our cousin!  

We found an In-N-Out and, of course, stopped for lunch to see what the hub-bub was about...

Texas Visitor's Center...

We found a Five Below!  A favorite place to shop! 

The Zoo was great! 

In April (or was it May?) we went to St. Louis for Maggie's visit with her doctor and we were so disappointed when we discovered that The Magic House was closed!

So we ended up at the science museum instead and it was a fantastic visit! 
And admission was FREE!  Who doesn't love free?

The girls LOVED the planetarium! 

I have found a lot more pictures hiding in the Cloud so I will have to pots a few more updates when I have some time...  Thanks for reading! 

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