Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What We're Reading on Wednesday

We are reading a lot of really good books this week as we meander our way through the Middle Ages!  I am a bookaholic and reading good LIVING books, is very important to me.  With BiblioPlan we do use a text book called Remember the Days.   I think it is also important to have a solid spine but those the living books is what really makes history fun and approachable.  

I pilfer my book lists from a really wide variety of sources starting with BiblioPlans recommendations and moving on to Sonlight, Heart of Dakota, Simply Charlotte Mason and Ambleside.  

Anyway, with that aside I thought I would share what living books we are currently reading in our homeschool...

We are learning this week in our history about the legend of William Tell so we took a quick jaunt through The Apple and the Arrow...  It tells a fictionalized about of William being forced to shoot the apple of of his sons head.  It's pretty good and only 5 chapters long, so easy to fit into our week!

We are only a couple chapters away from finishing up Adam of the Road!  
Hopefully he is reunited with his Father and his Dog soon!

Maggie is reading a Stepping Stones history book called the Minstrel in the Tower.
This is perfect for the emergent reader crowd as a beginner chapter book.

Kayley is reading a great book that I stumbled across called Will in Scarlet.  It is the story of young Will Scarlet and how he becomes a part of Robin Hood's Merry Men.   Full of action and adventure! 

As for me, I sat down and guzzled Cindy Rollins new book called Mere Motherhood.  It was so good and I read it way too fast.  As soon as I finished, I turned around and started reading it all over again, aloud this time, with my husband.  Such a gem!   

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