Friday, January 27, 2017

Pretend Play with Playmobile

Did you have Playmobile as a child?  I did!  I remember really enjoying pretend play with it...that and Little People (I loved Little People)!  I have recently made a decision to buy my girls some Playmobile!  We started with the Middle Ages and it has been such a big hit.  
Boy do I regret not buying the Ancient Egypt sets last year!
They have really enhanced the girls imaginations and they get excited to act out many of the stories we have read in our history books!

It's Pirates vs Knights in these epic battles! is where they park the horses.   LOL! 

Really though, I cannot recommend Playmobile enough.  It can get a little pricey but if you watch they often go on sale and get marked down at Toys R. Us and Barnes and Noble!  We even found a great coupon code last week at AND they offer free shipping on all orders over $19!  The hubby and I really look at toys like this as an investment.  Playmobile (like Lego!) will hold it's value for a long, long time...  

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