Wednesday, November 12, 2014

We Sold Our House! Are We Nuts?! Probably...

Well.  We have some friends, with a beautiful home.  And they mentioned pretty recently that they were downsizing and planning to sell their house.  We were interested in their has pretty much everything I wanted when we were looking last year.  (think screened in porches, big kitchen, walk out basement and more).  James and I discussed the idea of trying to buy their house and after a discussion with our friends who are selling we thought, why not?  We figured it wouldn't pan out, after all, it's a terrible time of year to sell a house and we were getting ready to go on vacation.  (We were thinking our realtor could show our house while we were gone and it would stay clean!)  So, we quickly listed our house thinking, if it sold then it was meant to be and we would have flexibility to buy our friends home when they put it on the market.

We listed our house the Monday before we left for vacation and had a buyer by Wednesday!!  Again!

Perhaps we are lucky or it was really meant to be?  Either way we went on our big vacation for nearly 3 weeks and then had to hurry fast when we got home to abandon ship....

Finding a rental was a challenge since we did not want to sign a lease.  (We have no idea really when we can put an offer on this house since we are at the mercy of the VA certificate and our friends who have decided to build another home).  Fortunately our realtor owns several rental properties and had something to offer us while we wait.  Unfortunately it is in Springfield...  So we now live quite a distance away from our ward family, James' clinic, and our friends.  Upside?  We are really, really close to all the big shopping areas in Springfield...and at Christmas time no-less.

We moved in the day after the renters moved out and they left a mess!  We helped our realtor clean up since we really needed to be in right away.  The house itself is also dated...  big time.  It was built in 1972.  Think Brady Bunch.  Everything is green.

Green kitchen....

Green Toilet.  (oh and YES, that is CARPET in the bathroom.  Gross...we cleaned the heck out of it, sprayed urine degenerator, and then laid down overlapping bathroom rugs so we wouldn't have to walk on it)

Other things are strangely floral.... 

Or pin-striped.

The shower was pretty rough...we cleaned, bleached, sanitized and threw down shower rugs.

The people who lived here before us had 3 dogs, that seems to have tinkled everywhere so one room is just terribly stinky.  We are chasing back the stink and we are either winning...or I've gotten used to it.  I'll have to remember to ask my friends if I smell bad when I see them.  LOL.

Honestly, its not too bad.  It is better than an extended stay (which would have cost a lot of $$ or signing a lease which would have taken away a lot of our flexibility).

Anyway, SURPRISED?  Us too.
It happened pretty fast and I totally had sellers remorse at closing.
We have no idea exactly what will happen next or when, but, all will be well, eventually.  :)


  1. Holy cats! Now that's news! I'll need you to send me your new address so that I have it while you're renting. I'm excited about your friend's house though - that sounds like an amazing place. You'll have to share pictures.


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