Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mount Vernon {On Tour With the Founding Fathers}

Our last stop on our tour was George Washington's Mount Vernon.  The house was smaller than I imagined but by comparison to the average family cabin it would've been a mansion!  It was FULL of original artifacts (his desk, dishes, paintings on the walls, etc) and we even saw the bed that George Washington died in!  Creepy right?!  

They also have a great hands-on children's museum, the tour of the grounds was really neat and included slave cabin replica's, and we even saw the original copy of the Star Spangled Banner!  How cool is that?  

George Washington invented a method for separating the wheat from it stalks by laying it flat in a round barn and then bringing in horses and having them trample it.  The floor had crack and all the wheat fell through leaving nothing behind but straw.

Separating the wheat from the straw.

A slave cabin.

Maggie got cranky and started pouting about midday...

Isn't she adorable?

Kayley had a scavenger hunt challenge that she enjoyed completing during our visit.

It was a really neat place to visit.  
It was a bummer there were SO many tour groups, so it was really, really busy but I'm glad we went!

This last stop on our tour was fun!

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