Friday, August 22, 2014

One Homeschool Day {Link Up}

Ok, I debated on scratching this day...and completely starting over so my "One Homeschool Day" looked a little bit more impressive...but then I decided, in the spirit of keeping it real, I thought I'd share exactly how THIS homeschool day turned out!  It is not a perfect homeschool day...because life got in the way.  That's REAL life though and it happens!  A lot!  I didnt get to take a lot of pictures because I was so busy I kept forgetting.  Anyway, here is a rundown of One Homeschool Day and I'm excited to link up with Our Busy Homeschool.  :)

I finally drag myself out of bed.  I have been fighting a cold and I'm just now starting to feel human again.  I convince myself that the extra hour of sleep was a good thing....  I'd better hurry though, both girls have swimming lessons in town at 9:30 (a 45 minute drive - 1 way!)

I have showered, dressed, tidied my bed, etc.  I go in to wake the girls...thankfully they are already awake...Excited that they have swimming today!  They start their morning jurisdictions.

Girls are dressed and ready to go...  We have all eaten breakfast.  We head out.

Arrive at swimming lessons.  Maggie has her lesson from 9:30 to 10:00am.

Kayley has her lesson.  While Kayley is swimming I receive an unexpected phone call.  Someone was unable to pick up their commodities from the church (the blessings of being Relief Society President), I would need to run over there and get it...

I make it to the Stake Center where I pick up a food commodities order.  We head out (again)

The kids are famished.  I (cringe) stop at McDonalds.  (There were only 2 choices between the Stake Center and the Highway, it was McD's or Hardee's)  They have to eat on the go...we have cold/frozen food stuff in the car and a 45 minute drive.

 *Notice those backpacks in the back?  Those are for a school supply drive the Relief Society just finished, I was supposed to drop them off at a Women's Shelter on the way back from Swimming...that would have to wait now until after the food was delivered.

Since the recipient of the food was not home, I drop the food off with another church member who lives close by.  I end up chatting for about 20 minutes while my girls enjoy playing with her kids.  We head toward the square to find the women's shelter to drop off the backpacks.

I drive around in circles several times trying to find this women's shelter.  I eventually find it.  A sign on the door tells me that they are unexpectedly closed.  Darn.  I guess that's why they weren't answering the phone when I tried to call ahead.

We make it home just in time for the kids to watch Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.  Daniel has a new baby sister you know and the all-new episodes this week have been the rage in our house.  We need to relax for a bit anyway we are hot and tired.  I turn on the TV and let the kids watch while I check my email.

Daniel Tiger is over.  I try to get Kayley to do schoolwork with me.  She doesn't want to plus she's exhausted from swimming and running around.  She pouts and has a little fussy fuss.  She looks like this:  (adorable right?)

I convince Kayley to work for an hour and then she can quit.  She goes for it.  She does 1 lesson in Singapore 3A, 1 lesson in First Language Lessons, 1 lesson in Writing with Ease, 1 page of Wordly Wise, and her Winter Promise Grammar Lesson.  Science and history can wait until tomorrow.  Good enough for me...  after swimming and running around she can't do much more anyway.  Maggie zonked out on the couch.

3:30 - 5:30pm
Play time.  The kids pretty much destroy the house...  I don't care.  I'm tired too.  I wander around a bit, tidy the kitchen some, read some, Facebook a little, and receive another unexpected phone call which causes me to make 2 more phone calls...

Dinner Time.  Hubby is working late tonight so we literally eat a bizarre combo of Frozen Waffles, String Cheese and Cous-cous.  Weird, I know.

Kids are bored.  I suggest they clean up.  They look at me like I've lost my mind.  So, I quickly tell them after tidying up they can do art....(That worked!)  We are using Home Art Studio DVD's.  The girls love them.  They learn about mixing primary colors and Van Gogh.  We end up with paint messes everywhere, but at least we squeezed in another subject today.  Whew!

More clean up, get ready for bed, reading time, then goodnight!

Hubby comes home.  I'm spent so I go to bed to read...  I read an article about having a more organized homeschool day and it makes me feel cranky.  So I play Bejeweled instead... until I can't keep my eyes open any more....  then... ZZZZZZ!

So, there you have it.  I want to say that this was not a "typical" homeschool day but we do have a lot of days that just fall apart.  Life gets in the way.

I do not regret stopping our regular day to give service.  I am happy to set the example for my kids by letting them see that people are important, my calling is important, and that we have to just adapt to life when it happens.

I just kept it real.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I'm so glad you shared this day! I think people need to see more of this real life is as important as sit down academics, and often more important. And I can relate to being tired and just wanting to sit for a bit and read or do anything just for ME. Ahem. It's just after dinner time and I'm reading blogs. Hubby won't be home for hours. We brought the kids' basketball hoops IN the house and they're playing behind me. I duck occasionally but they're happy and I'm not having to referee anything yet.

  2. I think your day is very real. There is no better thing that you could have modeled today than giving to others. This was a great life lesson day.
    Blessings, Dawn


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