Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Passages: Treasures of the Bible {Field Trip!}

I had heard a lot of talk about this new museum visiting Springfield called Passages.  On a whim Saturday, while we were headed to Sam's Club off of Sunshine, I spied it.  We decided why not?  So we headed there to see what all the buzz was about.  

I figured that it was going to be small.  Maybe kind of lame.  And ultimately a pushy opportunity for a church to try to tell us that we need to convert/repent, etc.  

Well. I was WRONG.  Passages was, quite literally, the history of Christianity and how the Bible came to be published.  We learned about Wycliff, Tyndale,  Martin Luther, Gutenburgs Printing Press and so much more.  It was an amazing, well done exhibit, that was HUGE.  Huge, huge, huge!!!  

The ticket prices were steep but I can see why.  Use of animatronics, iPod touch audio, interactive experiences, crafts to take home, plasma screens that interacted with one another, and pieces of the dead sea scroll....  Not joking pieces of the real, honest to goodness, DEAD SEA SCROLL are on display in this museum.   This museum was a once in a life time opportunity that was worth every penny we spent.

The kids had a chance to complete a scavenger hunt with the help of Louie the Lion.  

 Projects for kids were available throughout.  Here the girls learned how challenging it must've been to write the Bible by hand as the monks did during the Middle Ages. 

Docents were available to demonstrate and answer questions.  This fellow made Kayley his apprentice and she was able to use a replica of Gutenburgs printing press to create a page of the Bible.

Toward the end was a large play zone for kids.  
Maggie is chunking bean bags into the lions den.

You are not allowed to take photos in the areas where the documents are located but you could take photos in several areas though out. 

By the way.  I was so surprised that we were not pressured to accept some "literature" or go through some kind of "come and be saved" process on the way out.  It was a very relaxed experience and I think even a non-religious person who just wanted to take a peak at the Dead Sea Scrolls would feel comfortable with a visit.

It took us over 2 hours to go through it so leave yourself plenty of time.

The museum is so well done!  We really loved it.
  You will not regret your visit!  
Check it out at

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