Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer Homeschool Plans

As homeschoolers we "school" year round, but luckily because we are homeschoolers it doesn't really look like school on most days.    We have wrapped up what I consider to be our official academic year and have moved on to some other fun subjects that we can do only in summer. 

We planted a tree.  Can you see it?  

We have worked in the yard - check out my awesome new lightweight girly weed eater!

I have challenged Kayley (and the rest of the family) to "read your height."  Kayley is 48" tall and was tasked with reading 48 books.  Yes, you read that right, "was."  She is a voracious reader and has already finished the challenge leaving the rest of us choking on her dust.  Now we move on to the library summer reading program!

We've watched some pretty incredible thunderstorms roll in.

We played in the rain.

Kayley is a nature lover so she is often bringing in friends from the yard. 
Like this frog.

She put this skeeter eater in the refrigerator because she read that they would slow down enough for her to get a good look at them under a magnifying glass when they were cold.

We found a turtle.

And an awesome caterpillar!

We took the girls up to the church to ride bikes (we live on a gravel road and wanted them to get a chance to ride on pavement).

Played in our redneck swimming pool.

Thanks to Gramma and Papa we are the proud owners of a swing set!

Speaking of swing sets...
Kayley fractured her funny bone (humerus) falling off of the new swing set.  She is in a splint and only for about one more week before she can take it off.  It was a bummer though and has thrown a kink in her summer plans...  

There are a lot of fun summer programs that we really pounce on and take advantage of during the summer months.  What makes it even better is that it all counts as "school!"  

We will also go ahead and plow into our next school year.  We do this so that we can take as much time off during the year as we want when we have family visit and we are planning an extended field trip in the fall...  So, there are our summer homeschool plans!

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  1. I love all the nature study you have right on your doorstep! Enjoy the summer learning!


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