Sunday, October 10, 2010

Friday 56: Cast of Characters

Grab the book nearest you.
Right now.

1. Turn to page 56

2. Post a sentence from that page plus one or two others if you like along with these instructions. Or if you don't have your own blog, you can leave it here in the comments.

3. Don't dig for your favorite book, the coolest book, the most intellectual. Use the closest!

I assume it is called Friday 56 because I was supposed to do it on Friday. But, I'm kind of a rebel and decided that if I waited until would never get posted, because I would forget. I saw this on my friend Dana's blog and wanted to participate anyway! =)

So, I went to grab the book nearest me...but, you know what? The approx 40 books that were near me, were all kids books...and didnt even have 56 pages! So, I had to walk into the kitchen where I picked up Max Lucado's Cast of Characters, which has been on my 'to be read' pile for over 5 months now (I got it free from Booksneeze!)... I turned to page 56 to find it....blank. So, I turned to page 57 to find it a title page. So, this excerpt comes from page 58. Yes. I'm a rebel. LOL!

"Mary, Martha and Lazarus were like family to Jesus. After the Lord raised Lazarus from the dead, they decided to give a dinner for Jesus. They decided to honor him by having a party on his behalf. They didn't argue over the best seat. They didn't resent each others abilities. They didn't try to outdo each other. All three worked together with one purpose. But each one fulfilled that purpose in his or her unique manner. Martha served; she always kept everyone in step. Mary worshiped; she anointed her Lord with an extravagant gift, and its aroma filled the air. Lazarus had a story to tell, and he was ready to tell it.

Three people, each one with a different skill, a different ability. But each one of equal value. Think about it. Could their family have done without one of the three? Could WE do without one of the three today?"

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  1. Yay!! I'm so happy that you're joining in the Friday 56 or the Sunday 58. :)

    Oh I love Max Lucado. I just started his book "In the Grip of Grace" and wow! It's like he opens up a door and we get to see the scriptures taking place as we read. Beautiful!


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