Sunday, January 24, 2010

Miss Maggie...

We were so blessed while in Mesa to have our pictures taken by Kristi Ellingson. Kristi is James' roomate (David) from colleges' wife (Debbie's) sister. Lol! Did that make sense? Anyway...Kristi heard about our adoption story from Deb and offered to take Maggie's pictures while we were in Arizona waiting for ICPC to clear. The pictures speak for themselves. Kristi is a FABULOUS photographer! If you are ever in the area...or for my many, many Arizona should totally look up Kristi!

To view even MORE pics of Maggie be sure to hop on over to Kristi's blog!!!
(I've included a link at the end of the post)

Thanks so much Kristi for your kindess.
It was a long morning (Maggie peed all over the blanket in the naked baby pics, pooped the diaper and had to eat 2x's!) but these pics are to die for!

Don't forget! There are several more pics on Kristi's blog! Go check it out!


  1. Oh my word, those pictures are just amazing! Maggie is so precious!!! I love all of them and think that the picture of Maggie's feet in your hands with the I <3 adoption necklace could be on a poster some place!!
    Ah, so happy for you. :)

  2. they turned out so nice. i'm glad it worked out for you to have them done. she is a beautiful girl!

  3. WOW! They are sooo good! I love them! Sorry I didn't come Satruday! I didn't get the address so I didn't know if something had changed or not? Hope you had a great shower can't wait to hear about it!! We HAVE to meet up sometime in the Spring when it's nice out and take the kiddos to the zoo or something! So glad Kayley liked her necklaces!!

  4. The pictures are darling! She is so beautiful. Lucky to have such a great photographer, too!

  5. Wow! The pictures are beautiful! Congratulations on your new little lady!!


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