Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Kayley's 10th Birthday

For Kayley's 10th birthday she decided that she wanted to do another "Choose Your Own Adventure."  Last years adventure was so much fun and we were all excited to see what Kayley would choose this year!  

Before getting started we decided she'd better open her cards...just in case there was money or gift cards inside!   

Then she received her adventure book, written just for her! 

First stop was Chick-fil-A for breakfast where they "heard" there was a birthday girl in the restaurant and rewarded her with a free chocolate chip cookie! 

And a stop at Build-a-Bear of course! 

A birthday can't go by without a stop off at Chuck E. Cheese for games... 

Oh, and of course a stop at Toys R Us is essential.  We learned she wasn't the only birthday girl in the house too!  We met another little girl who shared the same special day! 

Papa and Kayley acting like goof balls. 

Last stop was Fuji for dinner! 

Ending our night at home with cake, ice-cream and presents! 

Happy 10th Kayley! 

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