Friday, April 1, 2016

Ancient Egypt End of Unit Celebration {BiblioPlan Year 1}

Like I mentioned in our previous post, we decided to go all-out and have a fun end-of-unit celebration of our own.  Finishing up Ancient Egypt, we were excited to share with our friends many of the things we learned!  We decorated with our projects, history pockets, and pictures.  The girls prepared presentations, dressed up, and we made special food!

Thank you to Luci, James, Janet and Gary for being the "grandparents de jour."  The girls loved having a receptive audience to share with!

For dinner we made a relatively authentic "mess of pottage."  We also enjoyed dates, figs, olives and (thanks to Luci!) Kamut bread!

For dessert we made mummy cupcakes...

Maggie shared a presentation on Moses and the 10 Plagues.

Kayley demonstrated how to mummify a body!

Each presentation was followed by a Q&A.

Luci shared some great info with us too on ancient grains!  
We had a great time and we will definitely do an end-of-unit celebration again!  :)

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