Wednesday, December 9, 2015

NASA - Kennedy Space Center

We had such a nice vacation!  It was great to take our "summer break" over the last several weeks.  We had fun on our trip to Texas, our visit with Grandma, and finally our trip to Orlando!  Our first day out in Florida we made a trip to Kennedy Space Center and learned a lot about the space program!  Here are some pictures from our day at NASA. 

 Touching a REAL moon rock!

 Of course they had to have a photo sitting on a "space toilet."

 Kennedy Space Center was really interactive and really neat!

 We couldn't be that close to the Atlantic without making a quick stop to see the ocean.  It was sunset and we only had a few minutes but it was Maggie's first time to the ocean and Kayley's 2nd (although she was so little last time she couldn't remember it).  They marveled that they felt like it was the edge of the world. I can see why.  Gorgeous isn't it?

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