Saturday, January 10, 2015

Homeschool Planet {Mosaics Review}

I'm a pencil and paper kind of gal myself.  In fact, I've gone through several homeschool planners, blog planners, and menu planners, of all different types and varieties.  Some of them I've liked and used often, some of them I immediately kicked myself for wasting my money.  But, through it all, one thing I have never tried has been an online planner.  Like I said, pencil and paper!  Thats for me!

Well, I had this chance to try out an online planner for free from a company that I know and love called Homeschool Buyers Co-op.  Ooohh boy, do I like free!  I like free more than I like pencil and paper, so I decided to take the plunge and give it a go.  Homeschool Planet is more than an online homeschool planner.  It is a virtual EVERYTHING planner.  

Homeschool Planet is intuitive to set up, allowing you to input all of your family members and their pictures.   You can color code each person and homeschool subject.  You can also color code appointments and other activities.  Typing them into the system is easy too.

Scheduling individual subjects and assignments is as simple as typing them into a spreadsheet and assigning page numbers or chapters.  You can assign subjects to one or more children and set it to schedule on certain days, repeat, or skip days.

Once you get your subjects into the system you can choose multiple views to see the same information.  Calendar view is my favorite.  I prefer a "big picture" to look at of all the things we hope to get done this month...

You can also view by day or week.  In my defense we are in the middle of moving and not doing much structured schooling right now!  Normally my calendar would be much more full.

Planner view allows you to see what needs to be done for that day and even provides handy check-off boxes to mark completed activities.

If you miss a day, a week, or even a month, upon logging in Homeschool Planet will help you make the changes to get you back on schedule again!  If you want to make changes you can easily shift things around at any time.

 Schedule your homeschool classes but also schedule vacations, dentist appointments, chores, birthdays, anniversaries, parties, dinners...the list is endless!

Homeschool Planet also allows you to keep grades, track classroom hours and print several different type of reports for filing in your portfolio, as well as print out a daily schedule or checklist. 

Overall I think Homeschool Planet is a great system for online planning.  I love how it encompasses both homeschool AND family life into one easy to use format. This was my first time trying out an online planner and it definitely took some adjustment on my part.  
The best thing was that, when we fell behind a day, I didn't have to get out my eraser and start making changes to my lesson plans.  It was simple to "slide" everything forward and make the necessary adjustments.

So, the real question might be, am I really sold on the idea of online tracking in favor of paper and pencil?  Maybe.  I keep going back to Homeschool Planet and I think if I ever get my life settled I will be ready to tackle it in earnest and see if I can really get this program to work for a stubborn paper and pencil gal like me.  

Do you want to give it a try?  

Homeschool Planet is offered through Homeschool Buyers Co-op.  Get more details and view a video about Homeschool Planet on their website.   Homeschool Planet retails for $65 for a 1 year subscription or you can pay month-to-month for only $6.95 a month.  
You can do like I did!  Try it before you buy it by getting the 30 Day Free Trial!

I was given this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  
To read what the rest of the Mosaics Crew thought of Homeschool Planet check out the links here:

Thanks so much to Homeschool Buyers Co-op and Home & School Mosaics for the opportunity to review this fantastic product!  

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  1. I totally feel the same way! I'm definitely a paper and pencil kinda gal! I enjoyed playing around with Homeschool Planet and may come back to it at some point but for now paper & pencil :) It just seems to fit us best!


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