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Heritage History for Young Readers- TOS Review

When I first began homeschooling I had many friends who were really into reading the classics in their homeschools.  I remember cringing and thinking "Classics?! UGH!!  I am not going to make my child read all those boring classics!"  But, hey, get this:  I was wrong.  I made a significant discovery somewhere in my homeschool journey...and that is that not all classics are boring.  (Don't get me wrong - some are a bit dry - it's true).  Once I made this important discovery I started seeking out opportunities to read good, wholesome - classic - stories.  What a TREASURE I have found in Heritage History!  A big HUGE thank you to Heritage History and the TOS crew for introducing me to this fabulous library of classics for children!

What is Heritage History all about?
The Heritage Classical Curriculum is the easiest, least expensive, and most enjoyable way to learn traditional history. Our "living books" reading program uses narrative histories that were popular with young people of earlier generations and features books of interest to students of all ages.

Heritage History takes a living books approach to teaching history.  This means that instead of reading from textbooks you read from a series of real books, adventure stories, biographies, and historical sketches to teach history.  This method of teaching history is fun, engaging and memorable.

Heritage History is also very affordable.  Your purchase of Heritage History is a "compact library" that gives you three ways of reading your books.  You pop in the CD and you can download your choice of PDF (print ready), MOBI or EPUB.  I chose PDF and saved them to my Nook.  There is so much flexibility!

We were given a copy of Heritage History for Young Readers and teachers guide to review.  This CD is an introduction to American History and Western Civilization that includes 86 classic stories.  How you incorporate this into your homeschool is completely up to you.  For our family, we are working on a unit study of George Washington and we read aloud from several choices.  Our favorite has been Pilgrim Stories!  While it would be hard to use as a stand-alone curriculum, due mainly to the fact that the books are all published in the early 1900s (or earlier) it is easily combined with other programs to give you a full history curriculum. 

Heritage History provides a thorough teachers guide with recommendations and guidelines for reading that outline the living books approach to learning.  They also include handy timelines and FAQ pages based on the time periods you are studying.   Their website is a wealth of information too that provides more detail on how to use Heritage History.

Heritage History offers a lot more curriculum choices!   

Choose from:
1.  Young Readers (Western Civilization & American History)
2.  Ancient Greece
3.  Ancient Rome
4.  British Empire
5.  British Middle Ages

How to buy Heritage History
Heritage History for Young Readers CD retails for $24.99 and can be purchased HERE.

The teachers guide is available as a download for $8.99 or a full color printed for $20.99.  Purchase the teachers guide HERE.

We really, really, LOVED Heritage History!  If you are interested in teaching through living books...classic stories...then you will find Heritage History to be a welcome addition to your homeschool library!

To find out what my fellow crewmates thought of Heritage History, click HERE.

Disclaimer:  We received Heritage History free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed herein are my own.

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