Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 - A year in Review

It is so hard to believe that 2010 is wrapping up and almost over.
We saw a lot of changes this year and had a fun time growing together as a family.
I had been lamenting how much things have slowed down and that we've gotten boring this year. As I started updating this post I realize we actually did quite a bit!
Enjoy this short recap of my favorite moments from 2010.

Our year started off on January 2nd with the arrival of Maggie!!
Our second adoption experience was just as amazing as the first.
We are so lucky and blessed to be parents!

What a fun addition she has been to our family!

Thanks to my Mom who flew out to AZ to make the road trip back to MO with me... We had some great adventures, but this one was by far exciting. Everything from Maggie barfing down the front of Gramma's shirt to me having to pee soooo bad with no place to stop that I thought my bladder would never be the same again. Then there was that really freaky Super 8...which pretty much had NO lock on the door. I didn't sleep much that night.

Kayley met Maggie and thought she was pretty neat...

Then we had SNOW!
Coming from Arizona...this was a BIG deal!

We made a trip to the Springfield Discovery Center...that was fun. I think we will buy a membership this year!
Valentines Day.

Zoo Babies...
St. Pat's Day...
Shrine Circus...Maggie didn't like it...all the noise, she cried pretty much the whole first half. Can you blame her, I mean, how many 4 month olds like the circus anyway?
In June my little brother got married...Kayley made the cutest flower girl EVER!
Seriously, does that hair (on Maggie) just not crack you up?
We went to the train museum...

Kayley learned some "valet" at summer dance camp...


We visited Yakovs Moscow Circus!

Kayley drove a "Duck"
Butterfly Palace

Gateway Arch


Kansas City

Christmas 2010!
What an exciting year!
I wonder what 2011 will be like?

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  1. What an amazing year...... but you forgot to add the part where the Brady's moved into your ward and also how you recieved a cool calling with 3 of the most awesome peeps you've every hung out with. LOL jk!

    Love your adventures! Thanks for sharing. Yep it's really late better go to bed and get some sleep.


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