Thursday, February 8, 2018

Wonders of Wildlife Museum - Bass Pro Shops, Springfield MO

We had a great time visiting the brand new Wonders of Wildlife Museum located at the Bass Pro Shops in Springfield.  I had heard people grumbling that the museum was quite pricey...and it was...but it was so amazing and so well done that I really thought it was worth every penny.

The girls with a statue of "Uncle Buck."

Of course, this being the wonders of wildlife you can expect to see lots of different types of animals.  Not too mention, in pure Bass Pro style, you can see LOTS of antlers.

The Conservatory. 

They had penguins! 

And also amazing dioramas of animals in other countries.

The aquarium is a second portion of the museum and requires a separate entry. 

They have divers doing live shows. 

And a touch pool. 

We were really quite impressed.  I think the thing that really amazed me the most is how family oriented the museum is.  Everything is focused on creating and maintaining strong family relationships and you can just feel it throughout the museum.

We really felt that the museum is competitive with any that you would find in a "big city."
We are also excited to see that they will soon be offering educational classes for kids, including homeschool classes!
We bought annual passes to the WOW museum and can't wait to go again and again.

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