Sunday, February 4, 2018

Catching Up on January...

We sure enjoyed our company through the holidays and well into the new year!  We did get back on track about 2 weeks ago and are getting back into the swing of our school days.  A lot has happened since I posted!  Here are pictures that sum up January!

First of all, this awesome girl had a birthday!  

We enjoyed a visit to the brand new Bass Pro Shop's
It was worth every penny! 

Maggie got baptized shortly after her birthday! 

Kayley continues to sew weekly with our wonderful neighbor!
She started sewing from a pattern last week, it's been awesome! 

We got our fireplace up and running after finally getting it fixed!
It's been so fun to have a roasty fire and has saved us money on our electric/gas bill too! 

We've gott a bit of snow and Papa got out the mower and had a great time pulling the girls around on the sled...   

We have enjoyed using the bread maker that I got for Christmas!
Please don't mind the lumpy-look.  It just adds character to the loaf. 

Playing outside in the cold and snow has required copious amounts of hot cocoa. 

We also took a quick trip off to Texas for a weekend and enjoyed doing a few things and especially seeing cousin Milo!  Of which I didn't get a single picture.  Oops.

We enjoyed eating at In-N-Out Burger.   

And the Ft. Worth Zoo was really awesome!
The weather was SO nice! 

I think that about sums it all up!
Thanks for swinging by!

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