Saturday, September 30, 2017

Our Crayfish Dissection

We have been using The Good & The Beautiful for our first quarter of science this year and it has been pretty good so far!  We chose to to do the Arthropods unit!  The last lesson of the unit recommended a crayfish dissection as an optional activity and we decided, why not?  So...we did!  

The kit was great!  We ordered it from Home Science Tools.  The complete kit comes with a (stinky) little crayfish that comes preserved for your dissection convenience.  You also get little tweezer-grabbers, a pair of small scissors and a full color, step-by-step, dissection guide!  It was really easy to use and we found the dissection to be fascinating.  It was pretty inexpensive and a really nice addition to our science studies.  Interested?  You can order your own crayfish kit here.

Dissection is not something we normally do with our science, but I am glad we went ahead an gave it a go!  I think I plan to add more of these types of activities in the future!  

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